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Kernel Fresh Mini Kit
Kernel Fresh Premium

Kernel Fresh Mini Kit

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Never used Kernel Fresh before, but want to start? You can start with our Mini Kit! It contains the smallest sizes of almost all of our natural skin and hair care products, to give you a sense of how they feel, smell, and work.

If you are already a Kernel Fresh user who’s constantly on the move, this set is perfect for you. You can easily fit it into your bag, purse, or even your pocket!

If you’re making a short trip, you can quickly fit some of these into your carry-on bag, and stay moisturized in the air or on the road!

The Kernel Fresh Mini Kit contains:

- 2 Bottles of 60 ml Kernel Fresh Oil (Scented and Unscented)
- 1 Bottle of 120ml Cucumber Lotion 
- 1 Solid Shampoo Bar 
- 1 Bottle of Natural Hair Conditioner (120ml)
- 1 Bottle of Kernel Fresh Baby Oil (60ml)
- 1 Jar of SheaKernel Hair Butter (90 grams)
- 3 Bars is Soap (1 Moringa Soap Bar, 1 Black Soap Bar, and 1 Oatmeal Soap Bar)

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