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J-Palm Liberia (JPL) manufactures Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil and processes these oils into natural products for food, and personal care.

We are hiring a talented individual with financial acumen, leadership skills, advance skills for financial modeling, proficiency in financial software for accounting, reporting and analysis to join our dynamic team.

Position Summary

The Finance Manager is responsible for company-wide budgeting, capital and asset management, trend analyses, medium-term planning and actual reporting of profit and loss results, financial ratio analysis, and KPI tracking.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, creating/updating budget and trend documentation for presentation to shareholders and senior management team, continuous analysis and forecasting of cash flows to inform company’s strategy, financial modeling under various scenarios, internal audit and controls, and ensuring compliance of financial procedures and policies.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Manage implementation of the company’s annual business plan, budget and strategic plan. Responsible for associated presentations to senior management and Board of Directors
  • Develop and implement financial and tax strategies
  • Develop performance management and monitoring systems to ensure alignment with the company’s strategic goals
  • Responsible for the preparation, analysis and transmission of a variety of divisional finance reports in accordance with corporate requirements, i.e. budgets, balance sheets, budget spreads, P&L statements, stock and inventory reports, and budget reporting





  • Participate in all key decisions at the executive management level
  • Primary support person for all finance related issues for operating departments
  • Manage cost control and conduct budgeting functions with departmental managers
  • Manage the accounting, human resources, investor relations, legal, tax, and treasury functions
  • Oversee the company’s transaction processing systems
  • Oversee supply chain and inventory management functions
  • Perform a variety of supervisory tasks including interviewing and selecting employees, employee training/ development, performance management, salary administration, etc
  • Liaise with marketing and manufacturing departments to develop monthly sales and cost projections by product, channel and location
  • Serve as primary contact with various department heads on budget matters
  • Coordinate approval/ communication of reallocation of budget lines
  • Liaise with marketing/ manufacturing on all brand product cost information
  • Liaison with manufacturing relative to production plan/ division financial unit


Financing and Fundraising

  • Monitor cash balances and cash forecasts
  • Advise the Board and Senior Management Team to arrange debt or equity financing, when needed
  • Serve as lead analyst on all investment and financing deals within the company


Risk Management

  • Understand and mitigate key elements of the company’s risk profile
  • Monitor all open legal issues involving the company, and legal issues affecting the industry
  • Construct and monitor reliable control systems
  • Maintain appropriate insurance coverage
  • Ensure that the company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure that record keeping meets the requirements of auditors and government agencies
  • Maintain relations with external auditors and investigate their findings and recommendations


Essential Requirements and Skills

  • In-depth knowledge of financial management, accounting principles, and financial reporting standards.
  • Proficiency in financial modeling, analysis, and forecasting.
  • Ability to align financial strategies with the overall business goals and objectives of the company.
  • Experience in developing long-term financial plans and budgets.
  • Proficiency in using financial management software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and other relevant tools.
  • Ability to leverage technology for efficient financial operations and reporting.


Educational Background

A bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, economics, business administration, or a related field.

A Master's in Finance (MSF) or a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) is an added advantage.



Email your resume and cover letter to:


The Human Resource & Admin Manager

J-Palm Liberia Inc.

Monrovia, Liberia


Deadline: DECEMBER 15, 2023


J-Palm Liberia is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that promotes fairness, respect, and equal opportunities for all employees and applicants.




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