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Liberia Independence Special Promotional Box
J-Palm Liberia

Liberia Independence Special Promotional Box

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Limited Offer! Celebrate the holiday in style with this Special Collection for glowing skin and gorgeous hair! ⁣

The Independence Fiesta Box contains:⁣
- 1 Bottle of Kernel Fresh Premium Moisturizing Oil (250ml)⁣
- 1 Bottle of Cucumber-Scented Lotion (250ml)⁣
- 1 Bottle of Chocolate-Scented Body Wash (120ml)⁣
- 2 Bars of Shea Butter and Palm Kernel Oil Soap⁣
- 2 Bars of Moringa Coconut Lemongrass Soap⁣
- 1 Bottle of Moringa & Palm Kernel Oil Shampoo (250ml)⁣
- 1 Bottle of Shea Butter Natural Hair Conditioner (250ml), and ⁣
- 1 Jar of SheaKernel Hair & Body Butter (300g)⁣

Happy 26th!! ⁣

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