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The Ultimate Soaps Collection
J-Palm Liberia

The Ultimate Soaps Collection

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This right here is the Ultimate Soaps Box! A collection of all our best soaps for a relaxing, cleansing, and restorative bath.


With this collection, you get TWENTY (20) of all of our all-time most popular and customers’ favorite soap. These soaps are made with carefully selected natural ingredients, for healthy, clear and radiant skin.


Check out the contents of the Ultimate Soaps Box:


-       2 Bars of Banana Kiwi Soap

-       2 Bars of Chocolate Mint Soap

-       2 Bars of Moringa Coconut Lemongrass Soap

-       2 Bars of Hibiscus Soap

-       2 Bars of Lemongrass & Sea Salt Soap

-       2 Bars of SheaKernel Soap

-       2 Bars Rose Water, Coconut Milk & Kiwi Soap

-       2 Bars of Oatmeal & Cucumber Soap

-       2 Bars of Papaya (Pawpaw) & Vanilla Soap

-       1 Bar of Coffee Scrub Soap

-       1 Bottle of Peppermint Moringa & Kiwi Soap


This collection is truly like a paradise of soaps! The soaps don’t just cleanse your skin, they also enhance your mood by how they smell and feel. You are going to love this collection!

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