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Kernel Fresh Bath & Beauty Package
J-Palm Liberia

Kernel Fresh Bath & Beauty Package

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Introducing our special Bath & Beauty Package, for radiant, clear and flawless skin.⁣
The products in this collection are all natural, and were carefully created for healthy, hydrated, and glowing skin.⁣
The Beauty & Bath Package contains:⁣
- 2 Bars of Coffee Scrub Soap for mild exfoliation and extra moisture ⁣
- 2 Bars of Rose Water, Coconut Milk and Kiwi Soap for skin balance and radiance ⁣
- 2 Bars of Lemon Palm Soap for skin nourishment and to hydrate dry skin ⁣
- 1 Large Bottle of Peppermint Kiwi and Moringa Body Wash to soothe and rejuvenate the skin ⁣
- 1 Bottle of Moringa Facial Oil to moisturize and glow the face, and to prevent wrinkles and fine lines ⁣
- 1 Large Bottle of Lotion for 24-hour total body moisturization and glow, and ⁣
- 1 Jar of SheaKernel Body Butter to soothe and protect the skin ⁣
Kernel Fresh: Be Natural. Be You. ⁣

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